Analog Horror

What is analog horror?

Analog horror is a trend started by a YouTube channel called Local58, which has gained significant popularity. This sub-genre of "found footage" looks back to the 80's and 90's (and sometimes the early 2000's) to view horrific events that occured and were captured on VHS tapes.

What is this page?

This page used to be a shrine, but now it's a deep dive into every episode of some of my favorite analog horror series!

Please note that this page will contain spoilers for every listed series, but almost all of it is hidden in the collapsible boxes. There, I take a deep dive into the contents of each episode/tape/recording.

The videos in each series are listed by the most recent one first.

Analog Archives

In progress: No

Activity Level: N/A

Most recent activity:

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Total video count: 9

I'm pretty sure this series is complete. I've gotten some good profile pictures from it. I still think it's weird that the first three videos were all uploaded on the same day, only for the next ones to come out on a schedule of just one every few weeks.

No theory yet.

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A tape by Sunset Studios, that is apparently required by federal law to be shown to all new television owners. It teaches the viewer how television signals work, and how they can be hijacked at the transmitter by nefarious individuals. The animated demonstration of what these hijacked signals do to your television shows its static becoming bright red and periodically displaying "I CAN SEE", "STARE", and "MEDIA". The user is instructed to immediately turn off their TV if it starts to display disturbing content.

Next, the tape mentions that broadcasts can be intercepted not just between the station and the transmitter, but between the transmitter and the home. It states that the method used to do so is unknown. Once again, the user is urgently instructed to turn off their television if it displays "flashing colors or otherwise abnormal imagery" and that it will turn itself back on after the interruption is over.

A burst of static briefly interrupts the tape, showing an alternate version of the hijacked signal demonstration, with instruction text that simply says "blood red or other unseeable colors. Do not look." The messages on the television say "IT'S IN ME" and "MY BRAIN". There's a third message, but the video is so distorted I couldn't read it. The next slide says that viewing the television during an interruption can cause headaches (makes sense), seizures (what?), nausea (fair enough), hemorrhages (?!), and suicidal thoughts or actions (!!!). A notice says that interruptions do warrant emergency warning broadcasts.

The next slides talk about the potential dangers of normal TV usage, such as eye damage from looking at it for too long. There is then what I assume to be a part of the video that has been cut and replaced by static, followed by the phrase "If encountered, it will cause intense psychological harm." This "it" is assumed to refer to something in the portion of the video covered by static. The viewer is warned that "Viewing unauthorized content is dangerous." "Exposure can be fatal." We see a diagram of the human brain and eye turn red and begin to drip blood. "Avoid it at all costs. Report any anomalous sightings to your local police department. Forget what you saw."

Crystalview Records

In progress: Yes?

Activity Level: Every 3 months

Most recent activity:

First activity:

Total video count: 2

It seems like they release new tapes every few months, and we're due for another one soon. For now, there isn't much to go on, so I won't make a theory just yet.

No theory yet.

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The tape seems like a VERY fake commercial for a fast-food restaurant, called Bradford Falls Fast Food, that sells pizza, burgers, hot dogs, and other commodities. It feels more like it's designed to appeal to potential investors than customers, due to its slow and overly-organized nature. It starts off with showing off the food items, each of which has some sort of anomaly:

    1. 16-ounce Cheeseburger, $3.74 : First of all, 16 ounces is an entire POUND. A half-pound burger is considered pretty large by most standards. How is this gigantic cheeseburger so cheap, and in a world where everything's price ends in a .99, why does this one's end in .74?
    2. 8-10' Pizza, $7.25 : The only real anomaly is the 8-10 ' part. That means eight to ten FEET. This, of course, might be a typo. If it's not, that's one gigantic pizza.
    3. 6" Hot Dog, $1.35 : Who measures hot dogs, and what do you mean by "alternative meats"?! Also, it states "optional condiments" as well as "mustard and ketchup included". Make up your mind!
    4. Plate of Fries, $1.79 : Why specify that it's a plate? Why specify that the fries are made of potatoes? Why are you suddenly calling ketchup "tomato sauce"?

Each of these food items had some fine print at the bottom of the screen, talking about the typical health hazards of consuming them. They're all pretty normal, except for the one for the fries. It's only on screen for a split second, and it's difficult to read or even pause on, but it says "Entering may result in a disturbance in the forest." The video cuts to black and changes into footage from a camera in a suburban neighborhood late at night on May 31st, 2006. It pans around and then zooms into a part of the sky before the infomercial continues.

  1. Drinks, $1.35 : Normal, but the fine print reads "Health warning: Do not go into the forest at the early hours of the night."
  2. "Sustenance" : While the other food items shown had pretty normal photographs of them for display, "Sustenance" is shown as some sort of mass of red flesh in between two burger buns. Veins extend from the mass and slightly cover the buns. There's an eyeball inside the mass. The music cuts out and the background slowly fades from blue to red. The information text reads "Delicious", "The blood is flowing", "The feast for the outsiders", and "They come out at night". The fine print says "It is too late. They have already seen you."

The video cuts back to the camera in the suburbs, about 45 minutes after the previous footage. Nothing notable happens in the footage itself, but the screen does quickly fade to red before the infomercial continues. It takes the viewer on a tour of the restaurant. The first anomaly is that the TV near the entrance says "They have awakened" and fills with static. In the photograph of the front counter area, there are some strange veins coming out of the center of one of the ceiling tiles. After showing off the bathroom, the background becomes red, and it cuts to an image of the restaurant exterior, covered with black, eldrich veins, stating "The consumption of food attracts the outsiders." It zooms in on a picture of a forest, then cuts to a camera someone is holding while walking through it. The viewer is advised "Do not trust anything in the forest. Not even yourself." It cuts to a shadowy silhouette of a giant creature with one glowing, red eye, and tentacles fill the background.

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The video presents itself as an instructional video for students at the beginning of a school year in Palm Valley High School, teaching them how to stay safe in the science classroom. Everything seems fine, if slightly off (why explain what cabinets are?) until the explanation for the exit door states "The exit is used to leave the classroom. You cannot leave."

The music briefly cuts out, and the video returns to seeming normal. The "Do's and Don't's" section is normal until the end of the Don't's, where one of the Don't's is "If you are to see a red substance in one of the beakers, do not resist the urge." The audio cuts to static and a message on a black bar is displayed, saying "THE CONTENTS OF THIS TAPE ARE RESTRICTED TO ONLY HIGH-LEVEL PERSONELL. ANYONE WATCHING THIS TAPE WITHOUT SUFFICIENT CLEARANCE MUST DISCARD THIS FROM THE PLAYER IMMEDIATELY." The video cuts out, and then goes back to normal for the Restrictions section of the tape.

This part speaks about how you must only do what your instructor (who, by the way, is never referred to as a "teacher" in the entire tape) tells you to do. The third "restriction" simply says "Blood flows within the walls." The video cuts to static again before the "Consequences" portion, which simply shows a diagram of several people surrounding a corpse and a tentacled creature, saying "Rulebreakers will be fed to them ."

The last part of the tape shows the camera from the classroom tour, now with flickering lights and the lens covered with strange black veins, before more tentacles surround it from the top and bottom. The video cuts out. Outro.

Surreal Broadcast

In progress: Yes

Activity Level: Every 2-4 weeks

Most recent activity:

First activity:

Total video count: 14

A very active analog horror series. This one is my current favorite, due to its length, high activity level, and consistent quality improvement. So far, I've covered all of Season 1.

No theory yet.

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A tape by Stephany Numman of Berksaut Forest Community School about spiders. In the video description, it is stated that she is the daughter of Fred Numman, the owner of Numman's Petshop [sic]. The tape is normal and displays correct information, until the third entry in her list of spider species.

It is called "Thing", the description is just "???", and there is no photograph. She states that Thing can be found in Berksaut Forest and usually hunts at night. It apparently produces audio frequencies that cause hallucinations, and that you should not believe anything that they say. After urging the viewer to isolate it and call the authorities if they find it, she reveals that they are black with orange stripes and are 1 to 3 METERS big.

The last message states that if you are bitten, going to the hospital is useless. She instructs the viewer to burn themselves alive in an isolated room if they are bitten by a/the Thing.

Thanks, RedDiamond#8302.

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A production by WXVC Radio Station, that aims to teach the viewer about how radios work. The English in this video is poor, which may or may not be intentional.

The tape then states that it is top secret and only for authorized personell. The rest of the video is slightly tilted. It then states that, in 1943 (the date pixelated over but still readable), "a strange frequency was bouncing in the region of Berksaut, with anomalous properties." This frequency apparently creates images that paranoia, fear, and anxiety if stared at.

It then cuts to three recordings of an experiment that was conducted at an unknown time, because the year is pixelated to the point of being unreadable. The experiment seems to be testing the effects of these anomalous frequencies on a television. The clips take place inside a schoolroom because the wall is decorated with the sign language alphabet. In the first test, nothing happens. In the second test, the TV turns on and displays static. In the third test, the room is pitch black, and the screen shows text, which reads "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID", before a shadowy hand begins to cover it up. The "anomalies detected" note advises the reader to not run away from their sins.

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A tape by Sunprise Tourism Company, advertising the Berksaut Forest as a vacationing place. Things seem normal until it begins to list the "Special Restricts" for hotel guests in the town of Berksaut, warning them to not exit their hotel or turn on their TVs after midnight, and that violating these rules will result in federal law punishment. The video cuts to black for a few seconds before continuing.

Next, it advertises the pathways in Berksaut Forest. You'd think these would be referred to as trails, but they never are. The viewer is told that the forest has 3 pathways and that they should not leave them. It advertises Conwin Cove Lake, Green Shine Greenhouse, and Berksaut Forest Observation Tower.

Just as the tape is about to talk about the various campsites, it fades into static, briefly shows footage from a camera outdoors in early evening, and fades back into the real video. It mentions Camp A, by the lake, and Camp C, in the woods. Camp B is never mentioned, and there are no video distortions to indicate that it was originally present in the film but was then removed somehow.

The safety rules section begins with a similar static-filled fade-out to the previous one, and the camera footage is from later on that same night. It shows the Berksaut Forest Observation Tower emitting some sort of blue-purple light before the video fades back in with another burst of static. The safety rules state that the east side of the forest is closed due to the presense of dangerous plants and animals, and that visitors should stay at least 200 meters away from the fence. It then tells the viewer that if they feel lost, they should find a guard to assist, try to locate a pathway, and check the time; if it is past midnight, to hide immediately. Another burst of static shows more camera footage, showing what looks like a cell tower shining a red light. Just as the light turns green, the camera footage ends.

Safety tips urge the viewer to cover their ears if they hear strange sounds, because the effect of the sounds in humans is unknown. Another camera footage interruption occurs. This time, the video is totally black, and a man's screams can be heard before the video properly resumes. The viewer is then advised to "GET OUT IMMEDIATELY" if they see clothes strewn about in the woods, and if they find eyes in the darkness, there is zero chance of survival; "They found you. Resistance is futile. Succumb to the Mother."

The video ends with the last camera footage instance. The timestamp is exactly 12 AM. The camera is on the ground, and three white glowing dots open in the distance. The video cuts out.

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Oh boy, this one's a doozy. A tape by LAIKA Home Video, in collaboration with Berksaut Forest Community School, containing children's stories about the Berksaut region. It's probably best to just transcribe them here. Note that it contains a few grammatical errors, but everything here is transcribed exactly as it is in the video.

In the past, the Berksaut region was in its majority uninhabited, with just a few farmers living in the region that in the future, would be Berksaut.

The true founders of Berksaut.

The music is muffled for the next slide.

But unfortunately, they found something not suitable for such weak minds. Echoing through the cursed woods.

The background briefly fills with red before continuing with "The Adventures of little Jimmy!" [sic]

Little Jimmy was a happy boy in a happy family!

One day, little Jimmy got out to play in the forest even knowing that a thunderstorm was coming.

He ran and ran through that woods, happy as never! How much time has already passed? Minutes, hours, days? He didn't care...

So little Jimmy looked up and saw those scary clouds coming after him and knew it was time to go home.

But he got so distracted running through the forest and forgot which way was home.

Little Jimmy remembered something that his dad said to him, to never get out of the house during a thunderstorm or something really bad is gonna happen.

Jimmy saw an observation tower and concluded that he would be safe there.

The video briefly cuts to a black screen before returning.

As Jimmy walked in the direction of the observation tower, he heard some raindrops, and his anxiety got bigger and bigger.

There's another cut to black and a short-lived audio distortion. The happy music ends. The photograph provided with the next slide is a picture of a giant hole in the ground.

Jimmy encountered something, something that he will never forget

look closer little Jimmy, what do you see?

look closer little Jimmy, what lies down there?

For a split second, the video's colors invert, and three glowing dots can be seen inside the hole, the same ones seen at the end of the Unusual Tour Guide video.

Little Jimmy made a friend.

Story 2, "The wacky television."

In the Berksaut Community School, the teacher of the younger students left the classroom and advised the students: "Do not touch the television during the storm!"

The next slide's image shows a picture of the same television from the experiments in the Radio video.

The very stubborn students decided to turn on the television

the static coming from the television invaded the room.

After a while, two hands popped out of the screen

The students were scared and started screaming.

The colors invert for exactly two frames between each of the following slides. I checked this frame for hidden messages each time, but didn't find any.

The teacher ran into the room to turn the television off, but even after the teacher unplugged the television, it was still on.

The secretary who was passing by heard the screams and decided to see what was going on.

She screamed when she saw all the students and the teacher convulsing on the floor.

Story 3, "Our savior." This section has no music, just cricket noises.

On the night of August 25, 1921, something came to earth.

The vibrant green, burning the eyes of whose dare to look at it. So beautiful. It is calling me.

The text other than "It is calling me." fades out before the next slide.

The thing came and in its womb, it carried the own devil's daughter.

Before the video fades out and ends, some glowing green lines appear in the image.

The video's description states that the three stories were confirmed to be true, and that Jimmy Williams disappeared on February 13th, 1974 (which was not a Friday, by the way, I checked).

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This video appears to be a recording of what was on the TV at 11:53 PM on a Saturday. An ad for discounted camping supplies is interrupted by some sort of warning, which states the date (August 12th, 1989) and that a patient at the local hospital displayed "strange symptoms" after being bitten by an unidentified animal. The symptoms are listed as shaking, high fever, hallucinations, non-sensical speak, and abnormalities in the eyes. Viewers are urged to visit their nearest hospital if experiencing any of those symptoms and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.

Worryingly, there is something scheduled for 12 o'clock midnight on the TV: Beyond The Paranormal by James Hutt. Before anything can continue, another warning appears, stating that there has been a blue warning issued for Berksaut, Great Fields, and Groove Cross, effective until 6 AM. In places like Arizona and California, a blue warning / blue alert means there was an attack on a law enforcement officer. Here, it seems to mean something else.

A bulletin explains to the residents of those areas what to do, saying to remain indoors and to close all windows. "Do not panic. There is nothing there. Forget." The video's colors invert for a few frames, but the text did not change. The signal is apparently lost and then found again. Feed from an outdoor camera is shown, pointing right at the red moon. "Gunshots can be heard all through Berksaut", states the message bar at the bottom. Wait, what? Another warning?

Now there's a purple warning, whatever that means. A message pans across the screen, reading "Remain indoors. Do not look outside. The police is authorized to exterminate anyone at the streets in this moment." The footage cuts to a camera mounted on a car. The message bar states "24 people confirmed dead. 6 Police Officers, 12 civils." [sic] A voice on the car's radio talks about the purple warning, urging listeners to not look at the fields, to stay away from the forest, and then something I can't make out before cutting to a different warning.

This warning is stated to be broadcast at the Berksaut Hospital. "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEY", "THEIR EYES ARE INDESCRIBABLE.", "THE SITUATION IS OUT OF CONTROL, PLEASE HELP US.", "SOMETHING WAKED UP", "IN THE FOREST", "OUR SAVIOR IS ANGRY". Cut to some more camera footage. The message bar just says "THEY ARE COMING FROM THE FIELDS" repeatedly. We finally get a good look at these three-eyed spider monstrosities that have been seen or mentioned so many times before. Two are seen in the distance, each as tall as a telephone pole. Staring.

This marks the end of Surreal Broadcast Season 1!