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A tape by Sunset Studios, that is apparently required by federal law to be shown to all new television owners. It teaches the viewer how television signals work, and how they can be hijacked at the transmitter by nefarious individuals. The animated demonstration of what these hijacked signals do to your television shows its static becoming bright red and periodically displaying "I CAN SEE", "STARE", and "MEDIA". The user is instructed to immediately turn off their TV if it starts to display disturbing content.

Next, the tape mentions that broadcasts can be intercepted not just between the station and the transmitter, but between the transmitter and the home. It states that the method used to do so is unknown. Once again, the user is urgently instructed to turn off their television if it displays "flashing colors or otherwise abnormal imagery" and that it will turn itself back on after the interruption is over.

A burst of static briefly interrupts the tape, showing an alternate version of the hijacked signal demonstration, with instruction text that simply says "blood red or other unseeable colors. Do not look." The messages on the television say "IT'S IN ME" and "MY BRAIN". There's a third message, but the video is so distorted I couldn't read it. The next slide says that viewing the television during an interruption can cause headaches (makes sense), seizures (what?), nausea (fair enough), hemorrhages (?!), and suicidal thoughts or actions (!!!). A notice says that interruptions do warrant emergency warning broadcasts.

The next slides talk about the potential dangers of normal TV usage, such as eye damage from looking at it for too long. There is then what I assume to be a part of the video that has been cut and replaced by static, followed by the phrase "If encountered, it will cause intense psychological harm." This "it" is assumed to refer to something in the portion of the video covered by static. The viewer is warned that "Viewing unauthorized content is dangerous." "Exposure can be fatal." We see a diagram of the human brain and eye turn red and begin to drip blood. "Avoid it at all costs. Report any anomalous sightings to your local police department. Forget what you saw."