--- title: Surreal Broadcast - Araneae (1991) youtube: qkCRwBy8ID8 dateuploaded: 2020-07-29T23:45:45 series: SB tags: - episode - SB layout: ahEpisode.njk ---

A tape by Stephany Numman of Berksaut Forest Community School about spiders. In the video description, it is stated that she is the daughter of Fred Numman, the owner of Numman's Petshop [sic]. The tape is normal and displays correct information, until the third entry in her list of spider species.

It is called "Thing", the description is just "???", and there is no photograph. She states that Thing can be found in Berksaut Forest and usually hunts at night. It apparently produces audio frequencies that cause hallucinations, and that you should not believe anything that they say. After urging the viewer to isolate it and call the authorities if they find it, she reveals that they are black with orange stripes and are 1 to 3 METERS big.

The last message states that if you are bitten, going to the hospital is useless. She instructs the viewer to burn themselves alive in an isolated room if they are bitten by a/the Thing.

Thanks, RedDiamond#8302.