--- title: Surreal Broadcast - Unusual Tour Guide (1989/1991) youtube: OUCyMBbU-Z0 dateuploaded: 2020-08-17T11:03:43 series: SB tags: - episode - SB layout: ahEpisode.njk ---

A tape by Sunprise Tourism Company, advertising the Berksaut Forest as a vacationing place. Things seem normal until it begins to list the "Special Restricts" for hotel guests in the town of Berksaut, warning them to not exit their hotel or turn on their TVs after midnight, and that violating these rules will result in federal law punishment. The video cuts to black for a few seconds before continuing.

Next, it advertises the pathways in Berksaut Forest. You'd think these would be referred to as trails, but they never are. The viewer is told that the forest has 3 pathways and that they should not leave them. It advertises Conwin Cove Lake, Green Shine Greenhouse, and Berksaut Forest Observation Tower.

Just as the tape is about to talk about the various campsites, it fades into static, briefly shows footage from a camera outdoors in early evening, and fades back into the real video. It mentions Camp A, by the lake, and Camp C, in the woods. Camp B is never mentioned, and there are no video distortions to indicate that it was originally present in the film but was then removed somehow.

The safety rules section begins with a similar static-filled fade-out to the previous one, and the camera footage is from later on that same night. It shows the Berksaut Forest Observation Tower emitting some sort of blue-purple light before the video fades back in with another burst of static. The safety rules state that the east side of the forest is closed due to the presense of dangerous plants and animals, and that visitors should stay at least 200 meters away from the fence. It then tells the viewer that if they feel lost, they should find a guard to assist, try to locate a pathway, and check the time; if it is past midnight, to hide immediately. Another burst of static shows more camera footage, showing what looks like a cell tower shining a red light. Just as the light turns green, the camera footage ends.

Safety tips urge the viewer to cover their ears if they hear strange sounds, because the effect of the sounds in humans is unknown. Another camera footage interruption occurs. This time, the video is totally black, and a man's screams can be heard before the video properly resumes. The viewer is then advised to "GET OUT IMMEDIATELY" if they see clothes strewn about in the woods, and if they find eyes in the darkness, there is zero chance of survival; "They found you. Resistance is futile. Succumb to the Mother."

The video ends with the last camera footage instance. The timestamp is exactly 12 AM. The camera is on the ground, and three white glowing dots open in the distance. The video cuts out.