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Oh boy, this one's a doozy. A tape by LAIKA Home Video, in collaboration with Berksaut Forest Community School, containing children's stories about the Berksaut region. It's probably best to just transcribe them here. Note that it contains a few grammatical errors, but everything here is transcribed exactly as it is in the video.

In the past, the Berksaut region was in its majority uninhabited, with just a few farmers living in the region that in the future, would be Berksaut.

The true founders of Berksaut.

The music is muffled for the next slide.

But unfortunately, they found something not suitable for such weak minds. Echoing through the cursed woods.

The background briefly fills with red before continuing with "The Adventures of little Jimmy!" [sic]

Little Jimmy was a happy boy in a happy family!

One day, little Jimmy got out to play in the forest even knowing that a thunderstorm was coming.

He ran and ran through that woods, happy as never! How much time has already passed? Minutes, hours, days? He didn't care...

So little Jimmy looked up and saw those scary clouds coming after him and knew it was time to go home.

But he got so distracted running through the forest and forgot which way was home.

Little Jimmy remembered something that his dad said to him, to never get out of the house during a thunderstorm or something really bad is gonna happen.

Jimmy saw an observation tower and concluded that he would be safe there.

The video briefly cuts to a black screen before returning.

As Jimmy walked in the direction of the observation tower, he heard some raindrops, and his anxiety got bigger and bigger.

There's another cut to black and a short-lived audio distortion. The happy music ends. The photograph provided with the next slide is a picture of a giant hole in the ground.

Jimmy encountered something, something that he will never forget

look closer little Jimmy, what do you see?

look closer little Jimmy, what lies down there?

For a split second, the video's colors invert, and three glowing dots can be seen inside the hole, the same ones seen at the end of the Unusual Tour Guide video.

Little Jimmy made a friend.

Story 2, "The wacky television."

In the Berksaut Community School, the teacher of the younger students left the classroom and advised the students: "Do not touch the television during the storm!"

The next slide's image shows a picture of the same television from the experiments in the Radio video.

The very stubborn students decided to turn on the television

the static coming from the television invaded the room.

After a while, two hands popped out of the screen

The students were scared and started screaming.

The colors invert for exactly two frames between each of the following slides. I checked this frame for hidden messages each time, but didn't find any.

The teacher ran into the room to turn the television off, but even after the teacher unplugged the television, it was still on.

The secretary who was passing by heard the screams and decided to see what was going on.

She screamed when she saw all the students and the teacher convulsing on the floor.

Story 3, "Our savior." This section has no music, just cricket noises.

On the night of August 25, 1921, something came to earth.

The vibrant green, burning the eyes of whose dare to look at it. So beautiful. It is calling me.

The text other than "It is calling me." fades out before the next slide.

The thing came and in its womb, it carried the own devil's daughter.

Before the video fades out and ends, some glowing green lines appear in the image.

The video's description states that the three stories were confirmed to be true, and that Jimmy Williams disappeared on February 13th, 1974 (which was not a Friday, by the way, I checked).