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This video appears to be a recording of what was on the TV at 11:53 PM on a Saturday. An ad for discounted camping supplies is interrupted by some sort of warning, which states the date (August 12th, 1989) and that a patient at the local hospital displayed "strange symptoms" after being bitten by an unidentified animal. The symptoms are listed as shaking, high fever, hallucinations, non-sensical speak, and abnormalities in the eyes. Viewers are urged to visit their nearest hospital if experiencing any of those symptoms and to report any suspicious behavior to the police.

Worryingly, there is something scheduled for 12 o'clock midnight on the TV: Beyond The Paranormal by James Hutt. Before anything can continue, another warning appears, stating that there has been a blue warning issued for Berksaut, Great Fields, and Groove Cross, effective until 6 AM. In places like Arizona and California, a blue warning / blue alert means there was an attack on a law enforcement officer. Here, it seems to mean something else.

A bulletin explains to the residents of those areas what to do, saying to remain indoors and to close all windows. "Do not panic. There is nothing there. Forget." The video's colors invert for a few frames, but the text did not change. The signal is apparently lost and then found again. Feed from an outdoor camera is shown, pointing right at the red moon. "Gunshots can be heard all through Berksaut", states the message bar at the bottom. Wait, what? Another warning?

Now there's a purple warning, whatever that means. A message pans across the screen, reading "Remain indoors. Do not look outside. The police is authorized to exterminate anyone at the streets in this moment." The footage cuts to a camera mounted on a car. The message bar states "24 people confirmed dead. 6 Police Officers, 12 civils." [sic] A voice on the car's radio talks about the purple warning, urging listeners to not look at the fields, to stay away from the forest, and then something I can't make out before cutting to a different warning.

This warning is stated to be broadcast at the Berksaut Hospital. "THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEY", "THEIR EYES ARE INDESCRIBABLE.", "THE SITUATION IS OUT OF CONTROL, PLEASE HELP US.", "SOMETHING WAKED UP", "IN THE FOREST", "OUR SAVIOR IS ANGRY". Cut to some more camera footage. The message bar just says "THEY ARE COMING FROM THE FIELDS" repeatedly. We finally get a good look at these three-eyed spider monstrosities that have been seen or mentioned so many times before. Two are seen in the distance, each as tall as a telephone pole. Staring.

This marks the end of Surreal Broadcast Season 1!