Be careful... the elusive Navi-Gator is said to lurk in this gross suburban bog...
What did you call my bog???
I- I'm sorry... it's just kinda musty. Don't you want a nav section to look after, anyway?
Well, yes! Do you know of one?
My friend here might have space for you on their site!
Sweet! Navigation protection, here I come!

That's right, friend! Welcome to the Navi-Gator™ Fanclub! To be a part of this, simply download the Navi-Gator™ to your site or use the Imgur link and place him near your site's navigation. You don't need the cool rainbow Navi-Gator™ text like I have (but he does enjoy it - please design your own to fit with your site's theme).

The Navi-Gator™ Gator


"I implemented Navi-Gator™ into my personal website, and I love it. It turned my page from nothing to #1!" -Nightcat, May 25th, 2023

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